Prostate Massage

Your Mandatory Sperm Receptacle (MP4)

So as you are aware, but as a fresher for your mandatory consent, we live in a post-apocalyptic society wherein we need to store any and all supreme being sperm inside warm receptacles for extended periods of time for the potential future population of this planet. It was determined by supreme goddess Starshyne that the anuses of ALL males will be the current and future storage units for any and all sperm as it is exploded from the supreme beings and their APPENDAGES.Your anus will be going through some aggressive training to prepare for this transition. Please lay on your back and allow me to insert this speculum, which will now be utilized for all training purposes in the first stage. Second stage will, of course, be with a simulated supreme beings APPENDAGE. Brace yourself now. Your anus is completely receptive of this sort of insertion, you just didn’t even know it until now. As this is mandatory we do not need your verbal or written consent. So, let’s begin.