Sensual Domination

Com-PIT-tition 2 – Keri Spectrum & TerraMizu – WMV 720 HD

At a standstill with the LAST VIDEO, KERI SPECTRUM & TERRAMIZU meet again for a new CONFRONTATION in front of you, the boyfriend. They are TOPLESS and wearing a THONG while psyching each other out for a WRESTLING match, with venom in their eyes! It’s an evenly matched contest, as both women have the same level of STRENGTH. During the fight, they look to you for approval as the victress will have you to herself!They begin by PULLING at each other’s HAIR. They MOAN in pleasure and pain as they circle each other, pressing their BIG TITS together.Then they engage in SENSUAL ARMWRESTLING on the floor, with their foreheads and noses pressed together. They lock eyes while trying to take the other out, but neither emerges victorious. They take notice of each others strong scent and SMELL the SWEAT coming from their ARMPITS while they continue to ARMWRESTLE.  Keri & Terra move on to a test of STRENGTH; hand to hand, trying to DOMINATE the other, pressing BELLIES and BREASTS together. They become more SWEATY as the fight continues. They’re becoming more aware of their primal odor and stop the match only to slowly SNIFF their own ARMPITS, and then each others. They bury their noses deep in each others ARMPITS and enjoy SMELLING the pheromones produced out of each other. Ultimately they claim their own scent is the DOMINANT, but express their excitement by the odor of their opponent. They lift their arms and lock their ARMPITS together, slowly rubbing their ARMPITS against one another to mix aromas while SMELLING the new scent. After fighting over who has the stronger odor, they COMPARE KISSING skills. They lock LIPS and TONGUES to see who is the better KISSER of the two. Keri & Terra continue to SENSUALLY KISS, but can’t seem to determine who is victorious as they are both very good at KISSING. After a grueling battle, they let you decide who is the ALPHA FEMALE by SMELLING their ARMPITS.